Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Property managers… We understand that protecting your properties from interruptions and liability due to winter conditions is of paramount importance. Making it an absolute necessity to have a reliable snow contractor prepared and ready for action around the clock.

Think of a winter service contract with Dutch Canuck as your insurance policy against the cost of weather-related
interruptions and accident liability. We have our own salt storage structure and procure bulk salt by the dump truck load months before the temperatures even drop.

Monitor your sites using our customer portal, where you can see when our crews were at your site, what services were provided, and track their location in real-time. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Hire Dutch Canuck today and rest assured that when that unexpected snowfall occurs, we’ve already sprung into action!

Domenic Cifani

We and our community have been extremely happy with the services provided by Dutch Canuck, they have been dependable, adaptable, responsible, and dedicated.

Condo Board Member