Landscape Installations & Enhancements

Landscape Installations & Enhancements

We love it when you share your ideas with us and allow us to make them a reality.

To start the process, we meet for a free walkthrough consultation to discuss your needs, budget and
vision for your yard.

Straight forward enhancements such as planting and garden upgrades don’t require a landscape design, but larger investments in whole new spaces and structures require a design put to paper for approval. The design can be
specific to one area of the property or include the entire property, requiring a phased-in approach to the construction.

Design fees are discussed during the consultation process, once we are aware of the size of the job. Our designs are created with professional software and printed to scale. Included with the design is a project estimate and contract to outline the scope of work.

Enhancements and

Spring & Garden soil/mulch
Lawn top dressing/overseeding
Grading & sodding
Tree, shrub, plants, and annuals
Outdoor carpentry
Concrete/masonry and scape lighting